Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What do you think?

Our most difficult meal of the day, sugar-wise, has always been breakfast. For some reason, Riley’s carb coverage is the most at breakfast.

Riley eats the same breakfast every morning: ½ cup cereal, ¼ milk (total of 22g carbs). I know cereal is usually a no no for most PWD but Riley’s sugars usually do pretty well. Or, at least they do now.

For a while he ate a Go-tart every morning (25g of carbs). Yes, I know, lots of sugar, little to no protein, but he liked them, they were easy, and his sugars really did OK. Or, they did after a while.

Riley will eat the same cereal for a while until he gets tired of it and wants to change brands. His sugars do fine, after a while.

My point is this, I have found that when Riley switches cereal or he eats something different than he usually does for breakfast his sugar will be high 2 hours later. This will usually happen for 2-3 days. But, if we continue with the same breakfast, eventually, his sugars even out and are just fine 2 hours later.

Thoughts? Does his body get “used to” what he’s eating? Would it work with other meals?

Riley has been eating cereal every morning for a while. I was out of milk this morning, so he ate a Go Tart. He hasn’t had a Go Tart in a while. I totally expect his sugar to be high at his next check, when it is usually in range.

Does this happen with anyone else?


Kelly said...

Hmm....I know what you mean! Cereal is evil for Maddison though and we avoid it at breakfast. Her morning ratio is also highest in the AM, 1:13 compared to 1:26 the remaining day. I know that if she eats an unusual breakfast her blood sugar will be high 2 hrs later too! Weird!

Nicole P said...

I think the higher breakfast ratio is probably explained by Dawn Phenomenon, which most of us experience. On your other question - I have no idea why that would happen... Typically, if I eat a carb heavy breakfast with little protein and don't increase my I:C ratio by at least a little, I will end up high - no matter how many times I eat that same meal. What your describing is not something I've experienced in my adult life - but I'll ask my mom - since I can't remember my kid days all that well!

Kerri. said...

I agree with Nicole. It seems that a high carbohydrate breakfast kicks my butt unless I crank up my insulin to carb ratio big time.

I can't even imagine how I was as a kid - I was on NPH and Regular insulin. It was a hot mess. ;)

Amy said...

Ha! Thanks for this post- it gave me a light bulb moment! I'm still such a newbie at this. Jada's midmorning and lunch blood sugars have been way too high- we were thinking it was just a rebound effect from being semi-low in the mornings! This morning we tried high protein and few carbs- just some milk and when I checked her an hour ago, she was right where she needed to be! No more cereal and oatmeal in the morning for her!