Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year End Meme

I'll post about Christmas later. (It was great, by the way.)

I want to end this year blogging like I have the last two years. I will post a sentence from one definitive post from each month.

January: Nice to Be Amongst the Living

"I started this blog to help other parents of kids with Type 1."

February: It Makes Me Put My Hand Over My Heart

"While standing for The National Anthem at one of Holden's basketball games last week I noticed that nearly every one was standing with their hand over their heart."

March: It's the (Seemingly) Little Things

"A lot of times with life it's not the big events or the times in your life that get the most attention that have the most significance."

April: Diabetes Burnout: What Do You Do?

"Everybody gets burned out sometimes."

May: Just Imagine

"It was Riley's bedtime."

June: And I'm Off...

"I'm officially off work for the summer."

July: How Much Life Has Changed Since Diagnosis

"Every couple of months or so we get a newsletter in the mail from the medical center where we got pump training."

August: Amen

"Riley's overheard prayer:"Dear God, Grandaddy is a good grandaddy."

September: Running At 120%

"Sunday night Riley had a stuffy nose."

October: Three Years Chained

"Three years ago today was the worst day of my entire life."

November: Hope, Belief, Pain, and Faith

"Today marks 3 years that I have been blogging."

December: Head or Heart (or Kidneys or Eyes Or...)

"Every parent wants what’s best for their child."


Anonymous said...

Penny--thanks for your comment. My son wanted that Animas 2020 for the waterproof feature as well, and his CDE was jealous of the nice colorful screen--she is also a Type 1 (and an RN) and has always recommended Minimed since that what she's familiar with, so she really got enthused.

Just wanted to tell you that we live in Illinois now (I was originally from here) BUT Eastern North Carolina is a big part of our lives as my husbands entire family are from Tyrrell County originally. His sisters and best friends are still there. Likely we'll be at the beach this summer at some point . . .

Happy New Year!

freediabetesinfo said...

u r a good mom