Friday, November 02, 2007

Little Jack Sparrow

Excuse me, I meant Little Captain Jack Sparrow.

Captain Jack without his hair.

Holden went as a basketball player. (Just kidding, he was just getting back from basketball practice.)

Johnny Depp doesn't have anything on my baby.
He even won a costume contest.
His sugars were pretty good most of the day, especially considering he ate a cookie, a cupcake, and a brownie throughout the day. I'm glad Halloween is only one day a year.
I have 11 days worth of pictures up over at Diabetes 365. Check them out.


Vivian said...

He had my heart at the word Arghh! LOL Too Cute!! Gosh, Holden is just turning into a grown up before our eyes. Great pics and I am so glad good numbers graced the day.

Shannon said...

If all Riley wore was the corn rowed beard, I would've given him first place prize just for that.

His costume was the best by far!

Laura said...

great costume and great pictures

Lea said...

the third picture is just , just...AWESOMELY adorable! Oh, he is the best Captain Jack I've seen!!

Donna said...

Too cute! I love the beard!

Jamie said...

Great costume! I love the beard :)

albert said...

wow, that beard = skillz
especially with the beads