Friday, November 23, 2007

On the Agenda for Today

Later today Michael and I are going to go out. You know, on a date. It's something we rarely ever do. Riley and Holden will be staying the night at my mom's.

We're doing it to celebrate my birthday, a little late. About the only times we go out alone during the year is for our birthdays and for our anniversary. We were going to do it last Friday, but Holden had a basketball game. (Speaking of Holden, his back is doing well and hasn't hurt him for a while now. He'll start back with basketball practice on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed that his back will continue to do OK.)

Anyway, I will be getting a new cell phone for my birthday. The hinge on my cell phone broke and now it won't stay open, so I need a new one. I don't plan on getting anything special. I don't care what features it has as long as Riley's teacher and Holden can reach me when they need me.

We will also go out to eat, probably at Outback since it's my favorite. Or, I might go somewhere else to save a little money.

And, since we're ending up having to go out in the traffic on Black Friday, we will probably brave at least one store. Riley wants a Fur Real Parrot for Christmas and they are on sale at Walmart today about $12 cheaper than usual. When you're on a budget, $12 is enough of a savings to push through the crowd.

And, yesterday was awesome, by the way. We went to my grandmother's and had a great meal and spent time with the family. We were there pretty much all day. And, the best thing was that Riley's sugars cooperated. They were excellent all day (except for a 45 after a hike in the woods).

I hope every one's Thanksgiving was as great as ours.


bingsy said...

That commercial for the parrot is the best, "whatever!"

I had never heard or conceived of such a toy.

Riley is the coolest.

Donna said...

I'm glad you get to go out for your birthday. We only did this on special occaisions when our kids were younger, too. (Kids are expensive, aren't they?) I hope you have a good time. Good luck at Walmart!

Chris said...

I cannot believe how the US celebrates Thanks GIving ( i think its awesome), it seems bigger than christmas. I would be an american for thanksgiving week...(just for the week ;) i coulndt afford the health care).