Thursday, January 01, 2009

Year in Review


One of Holden's friends who he'd known almost his whole life got into a wreck and was unconscious for a while. He is also one of the youth at church. He turned out to be OK after a while. It took him a few days to completely wake up and he couldn't play basketball for several weeks due to a concussion. I'm so thankful that he turned out to be OK. He was 17 at the time.

Holden played 9 basketball games.

I had my yearly physical. I was found to have some "female problems" and would have to start taking monthly shots. I was not pleased.


Holden played four more basketball games.

Holden turned 17. We celebrated a few days later with lasagna ( A rare treat at our house due to what it does to Riley's sugars.)

We had a Valentine's super at church. The men cooked for the women.

Riley went on a field trip to see a play. He rode a bus there. The teacher called me on the way to inform me that Riley's sugar was 42.

My Granny celebrated a birthday.

I had my first injection that I mentioned before. I didn't have any side effects for a while.

I attended a Teddy Bear Fair with Riley. It was another school field trip. I went because after the fair they went out to eat pizza. I knew I needed to be there to bolus for this very tricky food.

A girl that I had known since she was born was killed in a wreck. She was 21 years old. Her sister and I were the same age and always rode to school together growing up. When Holden started school she and he would ride together. Her mom and I took turns taking them and picking them up. I still think about her mother often. I know the holidays were especially hard for her.

Riley got the flu. Yes, he'd had his flu shot, but it didn't work. I was terrified that he'd end up in DKA but it turns out he didn't do so badly. He did miss almost a whole week of school though. The rest of us took pills to hopefully keep from getting the flu ourselves.


Riley had been pumping for 2 years.

I got my second injection. By now I was having some side effects. (hot flashes)

Michael and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. I finally gave in and took a trip away from Riley. Although we were really only 2 hours away it was still hard to leave. It was the longest I'd been away from Riley and the farthest I'd been away from him since his diagnosis 2 1/2 years earlier. Michael and I had a great time and it was nice to get away for a little while.

I was lunch bunch mom at Riley's school. I showed up and monitored the kids while the teacher got a break. Not only did she get to eat her meal in quiet she also didn't have to worry about carbs and insulin for a change.

I attended a party of my cousin's son.

Riley started soccer practice. He had one game in March.

We had our spring revival at church.

I helped host a St. Patrick's Day party at Riley's school.

I attended Riley's Easter Egg Hunt at school.

Riley saw the endo. His A1C was 7.2.

We attended another Easter Egg Hunt at church.

Holden celebrated his re-birthday (the day he became a Christian.)

We ate Easter dinner at my Granny's.

Riley had blood work done to check for celiac disease.


Riley had 8 soccer games.

Riley went to the dentist.

I got a kidney stone. I'd never had them before. It was very painful, but not as painful as child birth as I'd heard other people say.

I got another injection and had another ultra sound for my problems. The side effects were worse and it turns out the injections didn't actually fix the problem.

Michael had a birthday.

I attended another field trip with Riley to see the play Sleeping Beauty.

Holden attended the prom. Since he was a junior his class was in charge of holding the prom. Michael and I chaperoned. Michael was a valet. I think right about that time was when I started thinking about Holden becoming a senior and leaving and going off to college.

Michael started playing in an adult soccer league. Holden later started playing also.

Riley went to the doctor for a sinus infection.

Riley's school had their annual Spring Festival. He sang and then played some games.

Riley started T-ball practice.


Riley had 4 T-ball games.

The family went to a local children's home to help clean up the grounds.

I helped paint the backdrop for Riley's kindergarten play. The play was held the next week. Riley was an adorable panda bear.

I provided a dessert for the teachers at Riley's school to show appreciation for all they do.

We had a mother's day supper at church. And, I cooked a mother's day supper for my mom.

My little man turned 6. We celebrated by going to a Japanese steakhouse. It's his favorite place to eat.

I helped decorate for Holden's athletic banquet which was held the next day. I was once again confronted with how old he's getting.

I once again helped out Riley's teacher and helped with lunch.

I attended Riley's end of the year party at our local beach club.

I quit my job at home health.

We attended Holden's academic banquet.

Riley went to the doctor twice. He was seen 3 times in 6 weeks for a sinus infection. The last round of antibiotics finally cleared it up.

We attended a birthday party for my cousin's little girl.


I attended baccalaureate service at Holden's school. He was a marshal.

I attended graduation at Holden's school and cried thinking about next year.

I attended the graduation ceremony for Holden's friend who had gotten in the wreck in January.

I had my last day at my job that I had been at for 10 years. I cried all the way home.

I started my school nurse job.

Michael and I attended a wedding for one of his co-workers.

I helped with my church's Bible School.

I sold my piano that was given to me as a Christmas present when I was 9 years old. It was taking up too much room and we needed the money.


My mom and dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

I had the whole month off because school nurses don't work in the summer!!

I had another ultra sound. It turns out the problem I have needs surgery. But, not immediate surgery. The doctor said it was up to me when I wanted it. He told me when I got tired of the pain to come in and we'd schedule it. (I haven't scheduled it yet.)

Riley went to the endo again. His A1C was 7.4.

I helped out with Bible School again.

My family and I attended a mission trip. We spent time at a couple of children's home as well as a nursing home.

We spent a day at the beach. Riley rode on a ferry for the first time.


I took my certification test to become a school nurse.

I started back at my school nurse job.

My dad had surgery for a growth that was in his throat. The doctor informed us that he would send off a sample but he was pretty sure it was cancer.

Michael and I went and helped at a clean up day at our church.

I helped with Bible School again.

We took another weekend trip to the beach.

The kids went back to school. Holden was now officially a senior.


My dad went to the doctor and got his test results: Stage 3 cancer of the throat. He was told he'd have to undergo radiation for 5-6 weeks.

Riley joined church and became a Christian.

A week later we rushed Riley to the emergency room because he was having trouble breathing. He was given an inhaler and placed on Prednisone which wreaked havoc on his sugars.

I found out that I passed my school nurse certification exam!! ( It was a HUGE relief.)

My daddy celebrated his 59th birthday. He got his markings for radiation on the same day.

Daddy found out that in addition to radiation he would be getting chemo also.

Daddy started his radiation and chemo.

Riley started soccer practice and games again.

We went back to the local children's home to help them clean up their grounds again.

We attended the local county fair.

Riley was baptised.


Riley continued with soccer practice and games.

Holden took the SAT.

Riley's 3 year diabetes anniversary.

We took Holden to tour the college of his choice (almost 4 hours away from home).

We went to fall revival at our church.

We attended Fall Festival at Riley's school. I worked a booth helping kids paint pumpkins.

Holden started basketball practice.

Riley had another endo. appointment. His A1C was 7.8 (the highest it had been in a long time)

My daddy continued with chemo and radiation. It was making him sick. He couldn't eat. He couldn't talk. His hair was falling out. On top of all that, he got pneumonia and spent a week in the hospital.

We took Riley to Trunk or Treat at our church.


Daddy finished up with his radiation and chemo!!

Michael and I went to a work/clean-up day at the kid's school.

Riley continued with soccer.

Holden started playing basketball. He dislocated his knee cap in the first game and had to sit out a couple of games.

Holden applied to college.

I attended a cousin's wedding.

I attended the funeral of my cousin's husband's dad.

I celebrated Thanksgiving at my Granny's house.


Holden's basketball games continued.

Holden was accepted to the college of his choice. (Did I mention that it's almost 4 hours away?)

My mom celebrated her 58th birthday.

Riley attended 4 birthday parties in 1 week.

We took Riley to a local Christmas parade.

We attended a church Christmas supper as well as the church Christmas play.

Riley was plagued with wheezing again and was once again placed on Prednisone just in time for Christmas.

Michael and I went Christmas shopping.

I attended Riley's school Christmas party.

The kids and Michael and I all got out of school for 2 weeks.

My dad was declared cancer-free!!!!

We had a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

Wow. Looking back at all that I realize why I'm so tired all the time.

I wish each of you a very happy new year!!!!

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Jill said...

LOL Penny, I did the same thing! And we wonder why we can't even get a bubble bath in peace? Haha! Here's to good year for you :) (& Riley too!) ***HUGS***