Friday, January 16, 2009

Pumpy the 8th

Riley's 8th pump will be delivered today.

Wednesday night it alarmed that the battery was low. It was a surprise since it hadn't been that long since I'd changed it.

I removed the battery cap and pulled out another wet, soggy battery. This is the same thing that happened last time.

I cleaned out the battery compartment and popped in a new battery. I went through all the rewind/prime stuff and the pump was working again.

I tucked Riley into bed and called Animas. A few minutes later I got a call from a very nice rep. She got me to unhook Riley and go through all the trouble-shooting stuff.

She had me inspect the pump and when I did I noticed several cracks in the battery compartment. That explained the wet battery. Riley wears his pump in the bath, so water had seeped in earlier that night at bath time.

She advised me not to use the pump and to go to our back up plan. But, as soon as I was off the phone I hooked Riley back up. Unless the thing dies I'm not going back to injections.

While we may have had 8 pumps in a little less than 3 years, there has only been one that completely died and we had to go back to injections for a day.

Before the lady got off the phone she went through the instructions about how we would receive the pump and how to return the old one. I just let her talk. I didn't tell her that I was a pro at getting new pumps and returning old ones.

We've had this pump longer than any one pump so far. I looked back at my post and we got this current pump in September of 2007. We've had this one long enough that the OK has worn off of the button.

Next March it will be time to renew the pump because the warranty will be expired. I just hope this one lasts until then and there won't be a Pumpy the 9th.

(While we're on numbers, I just noticed this is my 401st post. That's a lot of complaining about diabetes.)


Jill said...

What a cute name..."Pumpy"! He's definately getting his use out of them ;) Are you thinking about switching from Animas?

Anonymous said...

We had about three returns in one and a half years with Animas. We also upgraded, so four pumps in all. I wonder if the Ping has the same track record? We switched to MM and so far, not one return. Gotta love their customer service. Wonder why there are so many returns on the Animas pumps?