Thursday, January 08, 2009

Why We Blog

I was sitting in a meeting today with other school nurses.

The nurse next to me leaned over and said that her daughter is in daycare with a little girl who is on a pump.

She said the daycare told her that the little girl's sugar was in the 400s and the mom said to give her insulin and that was it.

The nurse went on to say that if it were her child she would have taken her to the ER.

It took all I could muster not to rip her a new one.

All I did was sneer at her and say, "It happens."

It's all I could say. I was so mad but, she's a co-worker and I do actually like her so I just let it go.

I think I might ask the lead nurse if I can do a little presentation to the school nurses about Type 1 diabetes.

If a nurse feels this way imagine what the teachers at Riley's school must say behind my back. He was in the upper 300s two days in a row at school .

I don't really know where I'm going with this and I don't really know what to do about it. Maybe we could all gather the whole world together and let them know?

I guess blogging is the closest we can come to that.


Kelly said...

oh my, I think about this alot Penny. I worry that we could be turned over to CPS for long spells of highs or lows. I worry that people talk behind my back saying th Maddison is "high" for "eating all that junk".....especially when the ice cream man comes by!

Yes, this is why we blog!! Often I find myself telling others that these kinds of highs are not uncommon, and they look at me like **I** am the one that's clueless.....I just smile, and pray for awareness!

Lynnea said...

THE ER??? For a 400??? Gee..lets see how many times J.J. would be taken to the ER in the past year....Ummm I can't count that high. Just kidding...I'm sure I could, but seriously. This lady needs some "intervention".

I think your good and wise to suggest an educational meeting. It may help open their eyes a little.

Carey said...

Yes, I wish we could gather the world and set everyone straight. Maybe we need to cut into primetime television on every network and make an announcement.

I'm just thinking about all of the hospital parking fees I would have paid in 2008 if we took Charlie to the ER for every 400.

Caro said...

I don't think I'd have been able to bite my tongue like that. I think I'd have had to ask her why she'd have taken the child to hospital. What do people think the hospital can do in straightforward (non-ketotic) hyperglycaemia, that we can't? The biggest problem is people not realising that the real experts are those that live with diabetes, not non-specialised doctors in an ER.

Sadly I think the only way everyone will ever get it is if everyone gets diabetes, which I wouldn't wish on anyone. Cutting in to prime time TV would be cool, but in the meantime blog away. You know we all get you.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting what you said about gathering the world to inform them about Type 1 diabetes, because I learnt all about it through your blog and a few others that I read :) thank you for sharing your story

Jill said...

Geesh Penny, you have more willpower than I do because I wouldn't have bit my tongue! I just lashed out at our school nurse the other day because she said she thought the reason Kacey's blood sugar goes up after she eats lunch is because she's eating chips. CHIPS? hahaha! So I sorta ranted about how Kacey can eat what she wants as long as she gets the insulin to cover it and if she wants chips with the cheese crackers she eats practically every day (the crackers are lower carb than bread and she prefers them) then she WILL have chips ;)

I think most school nurse really don't have the proper training to care for children with diabetes. They get these little crash courses here and I know for us, our nurse is stuck in "old school" and it makes it hard to do things a new way. Your idea of "educating" them is wonderful and I say GO FOR IT GIRL!

You're such a great Mom ...and nurse ;)